Bolt Action – 2nd squad and 2″ mortar team

Bolt Action_british_2nd squadThe highway decorators getting support.

I finished the 2nd 5 man team, and the light mortar team recently, and made some changes to my 500pts list. I really like the Vickers MMG but if you’re playing scenarios, the 50 points are much better spent on another 5 riflemen.

Since my Army Painter matt varnish spray caused some trouble the last time, I tested an acrylic dull coat from Valleyo on these miniatures. It doesn’t generate such a matt finish, but looks much cleaner in the end (and is less expensive).

The light mortar is always worth its points, even just as an order dice generator. The 5 man squad on the other hand, not riding in the carrier, is far to fragile for being a regular unit. Bringing them to full strengh will hopefully help them last a bit longer.
Next up,  I will paint a PIAT team and the missing guys from the 10 men squad. After that, another 10 men squad and maybe an OQF 6 pdr gun will follow.



The Great War – french 500pts army finished

Last week, I finally finished my 500 point WW1 project. I’ve played a few games now, using the Warhammer Historical ruleset, “The Great War”. It worked quiet nicely, especially if you played with the 4th edition of Warhammer 40k before.

For our armies we agreed on building 500 pt lists first, with reduced core choices (1 instead of 2). For the Renault FT tank, I used Scarab Miniatures from the late french range. They are nice miniatures and for 500 pts I only have to double the poses on the special weapons and guns.

The last two things I finished are at the first HQ. TGW is originally company based  (one miniature representing 2-3 soldiers) and I just want to represent 2 Sections when fielding 1000 pts someday. It’s actually not a higher command, just a lieutenant. But that’s just for my background purposes, I still use the standard rules, fielding him as a captain.


And finally the guns. Two 37mm trench guns bringing more template weapons on the board. I modeled some sandbags out of milliput, to give them a bit more of a “dug in” look. Some Scarab Miniatures supplied the 37mm guns with gun shields, but they turned out to look kinda weird, so I didn’t end up using them. I don’t know if they ever had camouflage patterns back in the day, but it fits in with my FT 17.
TGW_french_37mm trench gun 2

TGW_french_37mm trench gun

In the end it turned out to be a nice army, which got painted up really quick using Army Painters Quickshade. They got a bit dirty through the shading process, but for a World War One army it fits in quiet nicely. The only thing I added after the shade, are the mud on the greatcoats and the rank, front service and weapon insignias on the sleeves.

TGW_french_group shot 1

Now I have:

HQ:  Captain + 1 extra riflemen

Veteran company: command – 9 men inkl Seargeant and 2 Chauchat LMGs                                                                       troop A      – 9 men inkl NCO, 2 VB RGLs  and 1 Chauchat LMG                                                         troop B      – 9 men inkl NCO, 2 VB RGLs  and 1 Chauchat LMG

Support: Renault FT 17 (char canon)                                                                                                                                      2x 37mm trench gun

Someday I have to order another Veteran Company, some trench Mortars and HMGs, but for now I will play with 500 pts.

I hope you enjoy. You can find more pictures of the french guys I finished last month here