The mad vampire count – a IHMN project

Since the release of Gothic, the last expansion for “In Her Majestys Name” I searched for cool models I can use for a vampire warband. For my vampire count I bought Cornelius Nosferatu vampire from Karol Rudyk art. Its a nice and super detailed resin kit. For IHMN I placed it on a 50mm round base.

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Dacso the Vampire

Sometimes I find some really nice miniatures on the internet and I use them just to test some techniques I´m not really good in . Recently I tested some non metallic metal techniques on this really nice Origen Art miniature. It´s a resin miniature and simply has incredible nice and crisp details.



Origen sells him as Dasco the Vampire so I painted him vampire like but the mini would also go as a historical knight in my opinion. I tried to use mostly cold colours for the main parts and only for the cloak and the gold parts some warm colours. The base is simply sculpted with Milliput then painted and weathered.

Maybe I will use him as a vampire for In Her Majestys Name.