Painting marble – bases for a bank heist

For my ongoing Cartel/bank robbery guys projekt for Spectre Operations I decidet to do something new for the bases.

I wanted to give them the intention of standing inside a bank (or possibly the hacienda of an enemy cartel, who knows;). The bases will get a nice marble floor scattered with some fitting things like shells and bank notes.

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Modern British Army – painting 28mm multicam

Modern British Army section

For a bit of modern 28mm skirmish gaming I decidet to again build up a Black Watch unit. The miniatures I´m using are Empress Minatures British army soldiers. Other than my Bolt Action WWII project these dudes all wear camouflage uniforms so that was a hard thing to tackle.

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Ii clan skirmish force finished

For now I finished my Ii clan warband. I added 6 Perry Ashigaru and 2 monks (Kensei and GTStudio) Since I mostly use them for IHMN and Daisho these got me now a formidable skirmish force. Daisho is a skirmish game set in feudal Japan (which even could include mystical creatures and such) based on the IHMN ruleset.

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Batman Miniature Game – the Brave and the Bold

Since I was in desperate need for some henchmen for my BMG crew I bought myself the new Batman starter crew. Knight Models new range of high quality resin models started of with some new crew starter. For the Brave and the Bold the box contained a new Batman (Arkham Asylum version) which finally got smoke and some really great combat abilitys (counter attack and mixed combat style). The henchmen consits of three Arkham guardsmen one armed with a expendable baton (reach), one with a shotgun and finally a guy with an assault rifle (lots of blood damage).

The miniature are all high quality and really nice casted resin. They are a bit smaller then Knight Models previous metal range but that does not bother me. I painted them using a quick and easy wash and layer paintjob to get them tabletop ready fast enough only Batman recieving some more attantion on his greenish armour.

Since I want to play Batman more often with the 2nd edition rules I finally could use my already finished Batgirl model to get them to around 200rep. They alredy announced a new Batgirl rebirth model which will find the way into my collection for shure.



Pulp Alley – Villains of Medusa

+++Nobody expected that operation Sea Lion will end like that. The Prime Minister is missing, German troops spread over England and the war in western Europe seems to be over. For Oberst Dr. Ilsa Faust and her secret Agency “Projekt Medusa” the situation could not be more advantageous. The time to seperate the project and all achievents from the germans has come. They now can act in the shadows, even more than before, blaming the germans for everything that they have to do to praise the great old ones.+++

Intimidating, clever, detemined. The leader of “Projekt Medusa”, D. Ilsa Faust is just as cruel she is beautiful.

After a long break of painting 32mm miniatures I did the first one for my Pulp Alley league.  I wrote a little background for an agency which came out like a mix between a Chthulu cult and Hydra.

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Team Yankee – soviet T64 tanks

I finished the first batch of soviet MBTs. Since I love the looks and mobility of the T64 I decidet to build a T64 tankovy company rather than the more usual T72. The models are from Battlefronts Yuris Wolves box set and come with 5 T64, 2 BMP2 and a mini rulebook. The all plastic minis are amazing and they even put in 2 AA mgs since these parts are really fragile.

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Team Yankee AAR – Soviet vs West Germans

I played my second team yankee game today, this time versus west germans. The game was fun but a total desaster. We played 40 points to test out some new unit types.


west germans:

West german combat detachment

  • marder HQ
  • marder platoon
  • 2 Leopard 2
  • 2 Jaguar 2
  • 2 Roland
  • 2 Tornados


Russian forces in position to defend the perimeter

Soviet reinforments

  • T64 HQ with atgm
  • 4 T64 with atgm
  • 2 ZSU23-4 Shilka
  • 2 BMP2
  • 2 Mil Mi 24 Hind
  • small air combat company

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