Wolsung Organised Play – Inventors vs Triad of Lotus Dragon

The first game of the Organised Play was played. The Inventors met the Triad of Lotus Dragon in the first mission: The Post Office.

The armies: Since we’re using 2 hero armies both players agreed on using starter box armies to test the mission.

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Wolsung Demo Game

Today I organized some demo games to present the rules and core mechanics of Wolung SSG to some potentional new players.

We played a couple simple killpoint missions. The core of this demo was to show how Wolsung works. The factions chosen were the Ash and Oak club versus the Triads of Lotus dragon. With these factions I could demonstrate close combat (Ogres and Onryo), ranged combat (Mary Fearless and Shade) and some magic abilities (Mr Cheng and Hisao).

Each player chose to play each faction once against the other. The games were short, intense and fun. Everybody enjoyed the game and characters to play. Maybe we’ll get some more players for the Ambassador Program soon;)


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Wolsung Ambassador Programm – preparing for the campaign


Micro Art Studio started their Ambassador Program and Organised Play this year, and I was appointed ambassador for Leipzig, Germany. The program is mostly intended to bring in new players to Wolsung and give active ones a nice reason to maintain a campaign over a longer time period.

The first part, the Ambassador Program, lets players found embassies lead by an ambassador (obviously) to keep track about the games played, new players involved and how each embassy works compared to others. Each embassy collects points depending on how active the players work on the campaign and on “recruiting”. The points will then give the ambassador the oportunity to get cool stuff from Micro Art Studio.

The second part, the Organised Play, consists of a yearly campaign which is divided in quarters. In each quarter players fight out different missions given out by Micro Art. The best players here have the oportunity to get free minis each quarter and lots of free stuff at the end of the campaign each year.

So basically both parts play nicely together, giving the embassy and players the opportunity to collect lots of points.

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