Elefant – Heavy support for my Germans

HQ company, 653. sPzJgAbt.

While playing a lot more Flames of War since V4 was released I decidet to ad a heavy tank destroyer to my germans. An Elefant. While these vehicles are heavily armed and armoured they are very point heavy and unreliable if you have to cross obstacles. But I like the somehow odd look of these beasts so I included one in my Panzergrenadier list.

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Flames o War starter box – the Germans

I build a Panzer III with the long 5cm gun and a Panzer IV with the short 7,5cm howitzer

Since we are starting into the new 4th edition ruleset of Flames of War, I decidet to get me one of the El Alamein starter sets. Inside you will find everthing ou need to start the game. 2 German tanks (1 Panzer III and 1 Panzer IV) 3 british tanks (2 Crusader and 1 Grant), one rulebook, unit cards, dice, 2 dimentional cardboard terrain and markers and some quickstart rules.

The new plastic tanks are reall nice kits which could be build really fast. For some demo games next week I started painting the german DAK Panzer III and IV tanks. To bring some life in the one colour camoulage I tried colour modulation for the first time. Again, a reminder for me to finally gat a damn airbrush…

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By Fire and Sword – Swedish skirmish force

A friend of mine started painting a swedish skirmish force for By Fire and Sword, but never finished it. Due to lack of time he didn’t finish or played it and sold me the whole deal.

If I really hate something about painting miniatures then it’s horses. One horse per army, well thats ok but a whole cavalry unit? Nope. Horses, especially 15mm ones are my painting nemesis. I had never started By Fire and Sword (BFaS from now on) in the first place because of the huge amount of horses to paint. I like the swedish and the polish armies a lot so there are always horses. Lucky for me, my friend started his paintjob with the horses. So no horses to paint for me at all.

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Viking Warlord – something new for SAGA

Viking Warlord

He always carries a jug full of ale on his belt, pillaging is a thirsty business.

I thought about replacing my SAGA warlord with a more heroic model for a long time now. But finding a model that fits wasn’t that easy. About at the end of last year I randomly browsed through the Mierce Miniature range and found a model that perfectly suits me. Knútr of Víkin, Skipari of Hrafnen (well…I just call him Knut). A nice resin cast miniature in a 30-35mm heroic scale. Not purely historical but he doesn’t wear horns on his helmet and looks pretty badass (god I hate those horns…).

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Bolt Action – british QF 6pdr gun

Bolt Action_british_QF 6PDRI managed to finish my 6pdr gun for my british Bolt Action force to get some more anti tank value. The gun and crew is a Blacktree model. I just added some stuff from the Warlod Games plastic sprue. The base is self made and came out way too big in the end for gaming purposes. I added a road sign and tree stumps to cover the big space. To give it a bit of flair I painted an “HD” on the roadsign. The 51st Highland Division got their nickname “Highway Decorators” because they painted their initials on signs all over the places they went through.

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Bolt Action – Tank!

I finally managed to finish some bolt action stuff, leaving me with just the QF 6 pdr gun left to do. First and most recent, my tank, a Sherman V.  A nice Warlord Games plastic kit. This particular one is from the 33rd armoured brigade, which supported the 51st highland division. It’s a good all around tank with even some anti infantry capabilities.

All in all a really nice kit. I only used some extra parts from the plastic infantry sprues and milliput, to model some extra stowage onto the tank. The name Andrea and the decals came straight out of the box.

My infantry is also finished now. I now own two 10 man squads and one 6 man squad.

Sorry for the bad pictures of the infantry. I will take new ones soon.

With the 6 pdr, this will get me to a whole 750 points army.



Bolt Action – first squad and MMG

Bolt Action_british_group bren carrier

I painted up the first 5 man squad, to man my universal carrier, and the Vickers MMG. Both units still need to be based properly. I played a first test game today, and was quiet happy about how the transport carrier and free artillery observer worked out.

The 5 man squad got a NCO with SMG and a LMG team, one of them holding the Bren light machine gun, the other the spare barrels and accessories pack. I think in the next few games, I’ll swap the LMG for a rifleman because they mostly fire the carrier mounted weapons, and dont really need to get their own Bren gun.

The MMG team members all have the Highland Division Badge on their shoulder, but not the one of the Black Watch, since they would be attached from the 1/7th Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment.

Hope you enjoy, cheers.