Guild Ball – Princess and a goal

After finishing the starter, I made the decision to paint another must have character for my team. Princess, the lovely mascot. Because she works really well with Boiler and Brisket and I really like the sculpt, she made it into my collection really quick. I chose a brownish white for the fur, but with some brown spots to make it look a bit more interesting. Some scars and the beauty in the beast was finished.

guild ball_butchers guild_princess

While working on my Butchers mascot, I thought about what I can use for a nice goal post. Since I wanted to go with a less brutal looking and meat stacked goal post, I used pictures of rugby goal posts as a reference, and thats what came out on the end:


guild ball_butchers_goal

Next up I think are Shank and Gutter. I tested them before with paper models, and I really like them.

I hope you enjoyed.




Guild Ball – after action report, the first game


“Gooood evening ladys and lords, common folk and everybody who is watching. My name is Gary.”

“And I’m Lary. We are your hosts today.”

“We are here with you tonight, with a brand new test game of Guild Ball, and we’re hoping that this will be an exciting match.”

“Indeed Gary. We have an interesting lineup for today. Even considering that this is just a test game for both teams. Today it’s fish or meat. Both teams just consist of the captain and two players, playing for 6 victory points. For our new visitors, you get 4 VP by scoring a goal and 2 VP for taking an enemy player out.”

“And here come the players! We see Shark, Siren and Angel for the Fisherman’s Guild and Ox, Boiler and Brisket for the Butcher’s. Looks pretty out of the box to me, but we will see what we get.”

Guild Ball_AAR_Kickoff

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Guild Ball – Butcher´s Guild starter set part 2

I finally finished painting the miniatures from the Butcher´s starter. They were really nice to paint up and I did some cheap non metallic metal effects (haven´t done that for a long time).

I’ve gone for the studio paint style of the miniatures using mainly red, white and green. I changed some small details from the color sheme like Brisket´s hair. I did some experimenting using a lot of glazes and shades, but I like how the overall colors turned out.

In the end I almost ruined six days of work because my Army Painter matt varnish. It created some fine white fog which gave some darker parts of the minis a dusty look but a little rework saved my day.

First up is the captain of the team, the mighty Ox. I really like the pose on this one, because he looks really badass.

Guild Ball_Butchers_Ox

I really like the pose on this one, because he looks really badass. Next up is Brisket the good looking striker of the team. I like the details on the miniatures, but some of the buckles are really small and extremly fiddly to paint. She had some fiddly mould line on her smomach I could´t get rid of so I covered it up with a scar.

Guild Ball_Butchers_Brisket

The last of the players is Boiler, the young psychopath with a disturbing tendency for bloodshed, but thats the reason why he is playing as a winger for a bunch of killers at all. They wouldn’t hire him if they didn´t see it within him too.

Guild Ball_Butchers_Boiler

And last but not least, ball:

Guild Ball_Butchers_ball marer

Since the whole team is finished now, the bloodshed can begin. Next week I will play a quick start game versus Fisherman. After some other projects I have to finish, I will paint up Princess to support Boiler and Brisket. Stay tuned for more Guild Ball.

Guild Ball_Butchers_Team


Guild Ball – Butcher´s Guild starter set part 1

To start the blog I wanted to write about something really new for me so I opened up the starter set for the Guild Ball Butcher´s from Steamforged Games.

I haven´t played it so far but the ruleset and setting sounds really nice. In every game I play I always choose fractions and models by their design and never by their rules or playstyle. If they are cool lookin´ they are just perfect for me. In this case my choice goes to the Butcher´s. I really love the design of these fellas.

Guild Ball_Butchers_starter box

The contents of the starter box are like any other from Guild Ball. You got 3 28 mm miniatures and a ball plus the stat cards for every player. The quality is nice with crisp and clear visible details. They are really fine so a little bit experience in painting is recommended, but I think they are really rewarding if nicely painted.

The miniatures are showing just some really fine mould lines, at least in my case, wich can be removed easily. The main issue was the assembly. They have such tiny gluing points, that you have to handle them with care.

Guild Ball_Butchers

Overall they are some really cool minis , but more usable for experienced modelers. I will start painting them in the next few days. Stay on for part 2.

If you want to know more about Steamforge Games Guild Ball visit the website. There you can download a free ruleset and stats for all the players.