Comission work – human Blood Bowl team

My latest comission work is this human Blood Bowl team. These are the new Games Workshop plastic miniatures. I like the dynamic poses of these guys but the overal design is not my kind of taste. Notheless I painted the team for a friend of myne and really enjoyed working on these minis.

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Imbrian Arts Gnoll

This mini from Imbrian Art was my first attempt in placing a miniature on a nice display base. I started small with this 28mm gnoll to test out a basing technique using GW texture paint for crackled earth. The effect I was aiming for should be a dryed out river or water hole.

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New year, new stuff – Relics Britanan army


Happy new year to all of you. It was quiet a busy december so it got a bit quiet around here. I had to finish a Battletech painting contest piece for their Facebook group (which I will show here later on) and some other stuff besides working. But I got my hands on a funny little game called Relics by Tor Gaming. My girlfriend and I got ourself a starter army of one faction each. She took the evil psycho pixies called Vaettir and I went with the britanan army which consists of little dolls in british looking AWI uniforms. The starter box includes a Company Sergeant Major, 9 troopers, 6 highlandes and 3 tokens.

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