Battletech – Mad Cat Mk II

Battletech_Mad Cat Mk IISince I’m doing a lot of historical and fantasy stuff lately, it is time for some science fiction. Keeping that in mind I’m going back to a real classic game. Battletech. I painted my first mech for my clan “Ghost Bear” force. A iconic Mad Cat (wich is by far my favorite Battlemech). I’m going roughly with the Delta Galaxy paint scheme of grey with some blue highlights.

I converted this one slightly to get a more dynamic pose, lifting the right leg and cut of the ankle to glue it in a proper position for the foot. It came out quiet nice in the end, at the cost of some sturdiness of the whole miniature (considering that the upper body just is a heavy bulk of metal). To make the torso removable I added small magnets into the joints which really helps transporting the Cat (and I can traverse the torso now, to aim for the enemy ;)).

I used VMC USMC Tank Highlight as the base colour, for the light gray I just brightened it up with white and added black for the dark grey parts. For the blue highlights I used GW kantor blue, brightend up with some old Pegasus light blue. Since I was to lazy and maybe to stingy to buy all the waterslight transfers I need, I just did some rough freehands.

All in all, it was a nice kit but you have to put in much clean up work to get rid of all the mold lines (I didn’t get all). But in the end I got a really awesome Battlemech which hopefully crushes all enemy resistance 🙂




Zombicide – trying something different


Since we have a lot of fun playing Zombicide recently I got a comission work from a friend. He is a bit overstrained painting all his zombie miniatures so he asked me if I could help him out.

I got the abomination from him and wanted it to look a bit like the artwork in the rulebook. Its a really nice miniature only removing the mould lines turned out to be very difficult trough the weak plastic.


I like how it turned out in the end only the blood effects aint as good as planned.