Clan Ghost Bear Lance

To motivate myself painting my last battlemechs, I participated in the end of the year contest on the Battletech Facebook page. I build a hexagon base to fit all 4 mechs on it as a display for my Lance.

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Battletech – reinforcement for clan Ghost Bear

Battletech_Bear CubDirectly following my Mad Cat, I finished my next mech. A light 25 ton Bear Cub. This little fellow was directly designed by clan Ghost Bear so it will perfectly fit into my force.

I painted it in the same way as the Mad Cat, before trying to mach the Delta Galaxy colors. Finishing it off with free hand insignias and warning signals to get some eye catchers. The kit came in 4 parts, consisting of the two arms, the upper torso and the legs. I put it together straight out of the box since it looks really cute without converting anything. The quality on this one was much better than the Mad Cat, just the joints on the shoulders had to been cut of a bit to fit the arms.

It looks tiny compared to my assault mech, but for a light second rank mech it mounts weapons to be effective at any range. Next I probably will do a Mad Dog. Stay tuned.