Team Yankee AAR – Soviet vs West Germans

I played my second team yankee game today, this time versus west germans. The game was fun but a total desaster. We played 40 points to test out some new unit types.


west germans:

West german combat detachment

  • marder HQ
  • marder platoon
  • 2 Leopard 2
  • 2 Jaguar 2
  • 2 Roland
  • 2 Tornados


Russian forces in position to defend the perimeter

Soviet reinforments

  • T64 HQ with atgm
  • 4 T64 with atgm
  • 2 ZSU23-4 Shilka
  • 2 BMP2
  • 2 Mil Mi 24 Hind
  • small air combat company

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Team Yankee – first game AAR

With my freshly raised soviet army we played our first Team Yankee game and decidet to write a small aar. We use units without any special rules (so no aircrafts, infantry and aa units) We played the first mission using both 28 point forces.

The british :

The capitalist aggressor, which on that fateful day started a small scale attack to size importand mission objectives near a small gas station. 4 heavy chieftain main battle tanks were supported by 4 light Scorpion scouts.

  • 1 Chieftain HQ
  • 3 Chieftain tanks
  • 4 Scorpion scout tanks

The soviets:

The soviet forces which defended against the capitalist aggressions that day consists only of a few brav men from the local tank brigade. 5 T64 main battle tanks and 2 BMP2 scouts were the only available troops that glorious day.

  • 1 T64 HQ
  • 4 T64
  • 2 BMP2 recon

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Guild Ball – after action report, the first game


“Gooood evening ladys and lords, common folk and everybody who is watching. My name is Gary.”

“And I’m Lary. We are your hosts today.”

“We are here with you tonight, with a brand new test game of Guild Ball, and we’re hoping that this will be an exciting match.”

“Indeed Gary. We have an interesting lineup for today. Even considering that this is just a test game for both teams. Today it’s fish or meat. Both teams just consist of the captain and two players, playing for 6 victory points. For our new visitors, you get 4 VP by scoring a goal and 2 VP for taking an enemy player out.”

“And here come the players! We see Shark, Siren and Angel for the Fisherman’s Guild and Ox, Boiler and Brisket for the Butcher’s. Looks pretty out of the box to me, but we will see what we get.”

Guild Ball_AAR_Kickoff

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