6mm British Napoleonic – Part 2

All 4 regiments of Scots Greys

The 2nd paint batch of my 6mm napoleonic, is composed of the cavalry regiments for my army. The Royal Scots Greys (the whole army will be scottish themed). Like paintings from the Scots charging at Waterloo I decided to paint all horses light grey. This way I got them painted up much faster.



Since Baccus sells cavalry in packs of 45 models, I had to sprinkle in 3 models from the command pack to get 4 regiments of 12 models each. I based them on 20x20mm bases with 2 models each. The formation looks a bit more loose that way and the regiments are a bit more flexible for ingame formations.

Ltr: Brigade General of the cavalry, Army General, Brigade General of the Infantry

I really don’t know if the uniforms of the riders fit within the peninsular theme of the army, but I think at this scale that does not really matter. Next up are the guns and flank and light companies.

Read Part 1 of my napoleonic project here

Stay tuned


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