Ii clan skirmish force finished

For now I finished my Ii clan warband. I added 6 Perry Ashigaru and 2 monks (Kensei and GTStudio) Since I mostly use them for IHMN and Daisho these got me now a formidable skirmish force. Daisho is a skirmish game set in feudal Japan (which even could include mystical creatures and such) based on the IHMN ruleset.

The Ashigaru were painted like the Samurai just varying the colours of the clothes a bit. I choose to do the Sashimonos in plain red and painted the Ii clan mon on the helmets which mark them as retainers of Ii Naosama.

For the monks I used a whole different colour palett since they would join such a force on their own will, but are not called to arms.

Now the force is ready to fight.



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