Pulp Alley – Villains of Medusa

+++Nobody expected that operation Sea Lion will end like that. The Prime Minister is missing, German troops spread over England and the war in western Europe seems to be over. For Oberst Dr. Ilsa Faust and her secret Agency “Projekt Medusa” the situation could not be more advantageous. The time to seperate the project and all achievents from the germans has come. They now can act in the shadows, even more than before, blaming the germans for everything that they have to do to praise the great old ones.+++

Intimidating, clever, detemined. The leader of “Projekt Medusa”, D. Ilsa Faust is just as cruel she is beautiful.

After a long break of painting 32mm miniatures I did the first one for my Pulp Alley league.  I wrote a little background for an agency which came out like a mix between a Chthulu cult and Hydra.

For the start I decidet to paint Oberst Dr. Ilsa Faust. She is my leader and its a gorgeous mini from Purgatory (Underestimated Games). Since she is a 32mm mini I will be using DUST tactics axis troopers as followers which fit the scale better, but more on that later.

Now to the stockings. That was a bad idea. My initial idea was to just tone the skin down with darkened skintone until I get the desired result. That worked quiet well but it was to bright for my taste. More layers of dark colour does´t really work and after some really frustrating hours I decidet to start over again. That time I worked the other way round. Starting with a mixture of black and skintone for the whole stockings I brought on the deepest shadows. Then I skethed on some mid and highlight colours to blend them together later. For the blending process I used again base skintone with black and worked my way upt to the pure glaze colour. The final highlights and lightest parts were all glazed on aswell to get a smooth result. I used some finishing glazes of red and purple to enhance volume and bring in some life again.

(the card was created using the cataog card creator by blyberg.net.)

Following her lead are Hauptfeldwebel Gretchen Faust, Ilsas mentally slightly instable sister, Medusa Commandos and one Deep One creature. That will give the leage some variety. Later on I maybe do some asylum inmates which somehow got influenced by some artifacts aswell.





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