Team Yankee AAR – Soviet vs West Germans

Attacking the airfield

To reduce NATO air superiority, Mayor Solts T64 company was ordered to attack an air base around the outskirts of Bremen. The airfield then should be used as a forward operaition post and supply line for troops advancing further west.
Solts company spearheadet deep into anemy territory to get as close as possible to the air base to start the attack. The company was dividet into two parts to attack from both sides of the runway.
Solt uses his binoculars to scaned the surrounding for enem tanks. Operation command informed him that the West Germans deployed Leopard 2 tanks and jaguar tank destroyers near the base, a threat he should not underestimate.
“Comrades, I see one of the big tanks near that building ahead of us. Tanks and tank hunters are main targets for now. Everbody, attack!”
With a lout roaring the T64 advanced forward, followed by their AA support while the BMP scout sections prepare to unleash their ATGMs.

The forces:

West German side:

1 Marder HQ
1 Mech inf platoon (3Marder)
2 Leopard
3 Jaguar 2
2 Gepard
4 Luchs
4 Tornados

1 T64 HQ
3 T64
3 T64
4 BMP2
4 BMP2
2 Shilka
2 Shilka
3 Spandrels

We played no retread. The germans deployed Gepards in Ambush and Luchs, HQ and Tornados in reserves.

Turn 1:

Both groups of the soviet T64 force advanced towards the enemy. Solt and his 1st T64 company opening fire at two Leopard tanks at a nearb building. The others at a german transport platoon spotted in a field but both units were hiding to well. The projectiles exploding around the tanks with no further effeckt. Scout 1 the BMPs on Solts flank opening fire at the Jaguar tank hunters, destroying of them. Suddenly a loud explosion behind the building near Sholts position interrupted the fight followed by loud cheering via radio. “Tank down, I repeat we take down a Leopard 2!” “Haha good work comerades!” Solt anwered while he whitnessed some tanker behind the building running away. “Seems like the other one left the fight aswell. Good job.”
His joy was harschly interrupted by the sound of exploding vehicles behind his position. “What…? Scout one whats happening there?”
“Enemy heavy AA vehicles just take out the Spandrels and uhm…our AA.”
On the other end of the air base the T64 got engaged by Milan and Jaguar fire, with 2 crews getting bailed out. While the Marder drove to a nearby hill to support tzhe infantry.

Turn 2:

“Comrades get back in your tanks and advance!” Solts orders were executed bravel and the T64 drove deep into the air base. The opened fire at the Tank hunters and destroyed another one. The last crew decidet to fight another day and let the support do the job instead.
“Scout 1 reporting in. We got one of these AA tanks. The other is still operational. Keep firing!”
“This is Scout 2, we got one of the transports which appeared on the hill. We have to defend our AA by all means! They concentrate fire on our Shilkas!”
The remaining Marder turned their autocannons on the small Shilka platoon opening fire. The armour of the AA vehicles could not stop these rounds, both of them went ablaze.
“Lost AA, whatch the sky comrades!” Solt screamed via radio, but he already heared the roaring thunder of closing in fighter bombers. “Heads down!”
He closed the hatch and the bombs, raining down onto the airfield, renderd his ears deaf for a moment. “Damage report!”
Scout one was down to one BMP2, one T64 of Solts company was destroyed the crew of the other one was to frightened to do anything. “Great, keep one, we have to get to this objective!”

Turn 3:

Closing in for one of the objectives Solt was still watching the skies. “Everyone, keep pressing forward!”
Scout 1 now desperately opening fire on the remaining Gepard AA tank while scout 2 tried to get the Panzergrenadiere out of their foxholes. Neither was doing any progress.
The second T64 squadron tried to close in to enem infantry to avoid air attack but two tanks bogged down in a fence.
With the appearence of germen reinforcements contesting the mission object the game was over.
Marder and Gepard fire took out Scout 2 while the Tornados destroed Solts T64 and the bailed out tank. After this desaster the infantr assaulted the other T64 platoon and a few minutes later they overrun the tanks.
The soviets should now test for formation morale but without the commander the remaining units leave the battle.


I lost…again, but it was a fun game and I learned a lot. I should have to close in more to avoid templates and protected my Shilkas more.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers.


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