Dropzone Commander – more Shaltari vehicles

I´m quiet busy doing several projects at the moment but I managed to finish more of my Shaltari vehicles for Dropzone Commander. This time I´ve painted a pair of Yari light skimmer, two Heaven terragates and two Spirit light gates.

First of the Yari. They are light scout vehicles, in this case equipped with a light Ion Cannon for some anti air support. Yari are very fragile so they don´t live very long if facing anti tank weapons but they are fast… very fast. I love these little tanks since they increase the influence of my rather slow Coyote commander.

My first gates painted are these two Spirit light gates. They are mostly for teleporting infantry to their destination. Like all gates they are lighly armed but they are rediciously fast. Even if moving half speed to move units around they are still faster then the average transport. In my first game they sadly came down very fast, one shot down by the enemy and the other hitting a lamp post while flying at low altitude.

From the starter box I got some Heaven terragates which I don´t like that much but I include a couple of them. They mostly hoover by mission objectives near my deployment edge of the table.


The whole skimmers still need proper basing but the paintjob is finished on the vehicles. The 3 Eden gates and the Coyote command warstrider lie on the painting table right now. When I finished all the vehicles I will start with the infantry which includes 6 stands of braves.



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