By Fire and Sword – Swedish skirmish force

A friend of mine started painting a swedish skirmish force for By Fire and Sword, but never finished it. Due to lack of time he didn’t finish or played it and sold me the whole deal.

If I really hate something about painting miniatures then it’s horses. One horse per army, well thats ok but a whole cavalry unit? Nope. Horses, especially 15mm ones are my painting nemesis. I had never started By Fire and Sword (BFaS from now on) in the first place because of the huge amount of horses to paint. I like the swedish and the polish armies a lot so there are always horses. Lucky for me, my friend started his paintjob with the horses. So no horses to paint for me at all.

The things that I actually painted were the dismounted and mounted dragoons, the cannon and the command riders. All very fast by just applying base collors followed by Army Painters Strong Tone Quickshade. It’s not an award winning way to paint an army but it’s quick and doesn’t look too bad.

The skirmish force contains a command base (Colonel), 4 bases reiters, 5 bases mounted dragoons, 5 bases dismounted dragoons and a light cannon.

I never played this game before so next week will be my first game vs the polish army. I watched some games before and it looks really interesting. I probably will ace the winged hussars which are another great reason to get into BFaS. I will post some pictures of the game next week. Stay tuned.




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