Wolsung Organised Play – Inventors vs Triad of Lotus Dragon

The first game of the Organised Play was played. The Inventors met the Triad of Lotus Dragon in the first mission: The Post Office.

The armies: Since we’re using 2 hero armies both players agreed on using starter box armies to test the mission.

The army of the Inventors consisted of: Thorvald Nielsgaard, Alice Tinkerly,  Lab Assistent, 2x Lab Golem

The Inventors club

The army of the Triads of Lotus Dragon consisted of: Mr Cheng, Hisao Shiryo, Onryo, 3x Dragonlings

The Triads of Lotus Dragon

In the outskirts of the city of Lyoness the two clubs came face to face with each other, both trying to retrieve a parcel from a pneuma booth, containing crucial intel which could lead to the dominance over Lyoness for whoever gets it first. The mission is to get to the package and hold control there until the end of the game, while hindering the others in doing the same.

Turn 1:

The old master Hisao moved and positioned a mist marker on the game table. A Golemic Dragonling appeared in the mist. Expecting some serious damage, Thorvald Nielsgard activated his Shimmer Field and then moved towards the mission objective. Onryo moved, trying to reach the mission objective too but was attacked by the Lab Assistent with no further effect. The Dragonling moved and created more mist, to call for on of his brothers, so one more Dragonling appeared on the table. While within the presence of the mysterious Mr Cheng the mist on the battlefield changed and turned into lethal acidic fumes, burning Thorvald with no chance to escape. One of the Lab Golems moved silently towards the enemy, while the second Dragonling created even more mist to call for yet another Dragonling. To prevent the Triads from blocking all line of sight, Alice ordered one of the Lab Golems to attack one of the Dragonlings but with no effect. After that the last Dragonling created another mist template. Mr Cheng finally moved towards the pneuma booth but his magic attack could not do any harm to the Inventors.


Turn 2:

Cheng activated the pneuma booth recieving the parcel which gives the Triads control over the mission object for now. Thorvald now saw his chance and attacked Mr. Cheng in close quarters, beating him down in 2 activations… ouch. Onryo saw his master going down and took the chance to prevent the bloody Inventors from taking the parcel. She moved to pick it up and then climbed the nearest building to get out o reach. The Inventors then ordered there mechanical servants to rain hell over the filthy criminals. The lab Golem tried to beat down a Dragonling and reduced him to one wound. The mist then moved, under the influence of celestial winds, changing the position of the templates. Dreadful horrors reach from one of the mist clouds, attacking Thorvald Nielsgaard. Master Hisao, witnessing his powers with a smile while taking a deep drag from his pipe. The other Golem also tried to kill a Dragonling but the sneaky creature escaped his attack. After escaping from combat with the golem, the small creature then vomited a lethal flood of acid trying to kill Thorvald. He dodged the acid landing in the dust of the streets, rendering him toppled. Alice Tinkely witnessed the attack on her friend and decided to ged rid of the Dragonlings, killing one with her wrench. The Lab Assisstent tried to bombard the old master with deadly, unpredictable lab flasks, but aimed either too short or too far, not hitting anything significant.

Turn 3:

Thorvald stood up in great anger, marching towards the Dragonling which nearly killed him, and beating him to pieces with his mechanical arm prosthesis. Master Hisao watched the fight from a nearby building. He never feels anything for his little helpers but the danger this human presented for his plans could not be tolerated. He once more brought the mist to life and reached in its darkest spheres to call out what lies within, to finally kill his opponent and his assistent. The remaining Inventors left the field. Victory for the Triad of Lotus Dragon!

The first mission played out quiet nice. We will play the scenario with each club versus each other until we move on to the second mission. Stay tuned for more.





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