Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 3

Dropfleet Commander_UCM Seattle class fleet carrier

UCMS Midway, Seattle class fleet carrier

The last cruiser for my UCM starter fleet went of the shipyard today. One of my favorite UCM cruisers, a Seattle class fleet carrier. The UCMS Midway will now form my line battlegroup giving me 3 battlegroups in total. Fleet carriers came with the nice ability to launch fleet assets to attack enemy or defend friendly ships. With a launch capacity of 3 this means the Seattle can launch 3 Squadrons (tokens) of fighter and/or bombers. Bombers are anti ship strike crafts which form up in groups and make an attack against the target which get more lethal in numbers. Fighters could be used in two different ways. They can either give friendly ships a bonus on their point defence value (a +3 per fighter token!) or they can cancel enemy fighter tokens by “occupying” them in a dogfight. Besides that the Seattle is armed with two mass driver turrets for anti ship attacks.

One Seattle alone might not be that effective in offensive manovers. Attacking crippled ships or defending friendly vessels from close action weapons and bombers will be reason enough for me to take one. Since I am a big fan of such carriers sending swarms out from the back to support the rest of the fleet, these cruisers will be a must have in all of my fleet lists.

all the 3 bigger vessels together, I love the design of UCM cruisers

all the 3 bigger vessels together, I love the design of UCM cruisers

I painted the Seattle like all the other ships already described in part one. Since I was not smart enough painting the hangar bays before assembly, getting the little fighters and bombers there painted was a pain in the ass. So if you decide to paint a Seattle paint them before you glue them together.

Dropfleet Commander_UCM starter fleet

a pack of orcas ready for attack

Alltogether the fleet looks really nice to me even if this is not a high quality paintjob. Through the lack of an airbrush and the goal to paint them in a decent amaount of time this is a compromise I could live with. If I will ever expand the fleet to a 999pts skirmish force someday (I think that day will come) I probably just would add another starter box. This will get me the options to increas the Seattles battlegroup to  2 ships adding maybe another Berlin, more strike carriers and a Lima.

For now this will be my main force to get more into the game mechanics and practicing the use of UCM ships. Task force “Orca” is ready for reconquest 😉 Stay tuned.




2 thoughts on “Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 3

  1. A year later, how have you liked the game? I’ve recently jumped straight into the deep end and picked up the battle fleet bundle for the UCM and am excited to get started.

    Great paint job and thanks for the heads up concerning painting the Seattle hangars before assembly.


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