Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 2


a UCM vanguard battlegroup

The second group I painted for my UCM starter fleet is a vanguard battlegroup. These groups can contain heavy tonnage ships and in my case that’s a Moscow heavy cruiser. To get the boots on the ground, to hold some objectives, there are two New Orleans frigates flying with her.

The Moscow is a heavy cruiser based on the standard cruiser frame. She features 4 heavy and 2 medium mass driver turrets which gives her a decent damage output if on weapons free. The New Orleans uses the stats of the standard frigates with the option to go into atmosphere to get the dropships out. Since these ships fly in open formation they don’t have to stay in unit coherence. Once they are in atmosphere they are relatively save, if there aren’t any corvettes around (luckily for me there are no corvettes in the starter fleets : ))

I painted these ships with the same colours and techniques that I used in

part 1. 


the whole ships together

The last ship of the starter fleet will be a Seattle class carrier. Stay tuned for part 3.







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