Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 1

Dropzone Commander_UCM Battlegroup

a pathfinder battlegroup ready for some action

Usually I’m not that big into spaceship wargames. That’s because most of them only feature a straight up fight in the void. Dropfleet Commander on the other hand builds up conflicts and battles about conquest or reconquest of strategical objectives on planets (or space stations around them). That gives the game a really interesting playstyle in which you have to attack the enemy fleet and simultaneously drop your ground units via strike carriers to get boots on the ground. This and the gorgeous miniatures produced by Hawk Wargames finally lead me to buy a 2 player starter box.

Within this bargain you will find all the things you need to play the game. A full colour rulebook (full rulebook, not a “starter one”), marker, tape measure, dice and 2 starter fleets. The plastic fleets consist of 7 models each, with which you can build any variant of the vessels. For the starter the two factions are the UCM (the humans) and the Scourge (the aliens). Since the background dates the setting in a time in which the humans reconquer the lost planets from the Scourge this is a really good start.

There is not much to say on the miniatures except that they are of really good quality. They came in sprues of 4 for the frigates and one for the cruiser with all the parts you need to build every available class.


I started painting the vessels matching the battlegroups recommended for the starter army composition. At first a pathfinder battlegroup consisting of a Berlin class cruiser and 2 Toulon class frigates. I aimed for the studio colours and wanted something that could be done really fast. After priming I used a mixture of black and VMC Intermediate Blue as a base colour. Then everything got washed with black befor detailwork could begin. The edges of the panels got highlighted with pure Intermediate Blue. Point defense lasers some details, thrusters and gun barrels are painted Chainmal Silver with some black inking afterwards. In the end just white colour for some of the bigger panels and blue light effect on the thrusters and they were done.

Next up will be the Moscow heavy cruiser and the strike carriers.

Stay tuned. Cheers.




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