Viking Warlord – something new for SAGA

Viking Warlord

He always carries a jug full of ale on his belt, pillaging is a thirsty business.

I thought about replacing my SAGA warlord with a more heroic model for a long time now. But finding a model that fits wasn’t that easy. About at the end of last year I randomly browsed through the Mierce Miniature range and found a model that perfectly suits me. Knútr of Víkin, Skipari of Hrafnen (well…I just call him Knut). A nice resin cast miniature in a 30-35mm heroic scale. Not purely historical but he doesn’t wear horns on his helmet and looks pretty badass (god I hate those horns…).

I tried to paint him using cold colours for the shadows and warm colours for the highlights on nearly every part of the model. It was really interesting, playing around with the colours. I’m still not very pleased with how the non metallic metal came out but I’m learning.


old vs new

In the end I’m quiet happy with the overall result. He really is the eyecatcher of my army. In the first game he slaughtered his way to victory, a good start for many great tales.





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