Dogs of War – Britanan Hunting Pack

Relics Britanan Hunting Pack

The first addition to my britanan starter army is the hunting pack. Since the army’s original formations are almost completely destroyed, even the animals in the army are replaced by puppets. Just like the normal puppets possess a human soul, the soul of a dog is bound within the hunting packs four legged creations.

This blister gives you 8 dogs, which come in 2 different bodies, heads and a handler. They look really funny and bring some nice suppor for my army. With the option to negate the enemy’s cover or to reduce their combat value they are really helpful.

The quality of the minis overall is really nice so I just had to put a minimum amout of time into preparing them for priming. I painted them in the same way as the other dolls, fitting the overal paint scheme. Just like the other units they have different flower colours for additional recognition value on the gaming table.

Next up will be a group of six rangers for the britanans.


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