Clan Ghost Bear Lance

To motivate myself painting my last battlemechs, I participated in the end of the year contest on the Battletech Facebook page. I build a hexagon base to fit all 4 mechs on it as a display for my Lance.

I cut out 4 pieces of wood with each of them matching half a hexagon. After dry fitting them I arranged the mechs on the base and cut in holes for each of them. Then I glued the parts together with the lower two parts pivoted to get a more sturdy result. I then added a street and some details followed by texture.

I painted the Vulture and the Dasher in the same manner as the other two mechs. Each Battlemech wearing the symbols marking it as part of clan Ghost Bears Delta Galaxy 115th Striker Cluster.

It was great fun to paint for a competition the first time. After all I finished the lance much faster than I would without meeting a deadline. I won “Best Clan Representation” which I am very happy with. If you want to have a look at the other pieces there’s a LINK here.



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