New year, new stuff – Relics Britanan army


Happy new year to all of you. It was quiet a busy december so it got a bit quiet around here. I had to finish a Battletech painting contest piece for their Facebook group (which I will show here later on) and some other stuff besides working. But I got my hands on a funny little game called Relics by Tor Gaming. My girlfriend and I got ourself a starter army of one faction each. She took the evil psycho pixies called Vaettir and I went with the britanan army which consists of little dolls in british looking AWI uniforms. The starter box includes a Company Sergeant Major, 9 troopers, 6 highlandes and 3 tokens.

The Company Seargeant Major is the commanding model and serves like a support unit. He can boost units for ranged attacks or morale tests. But he is not the kind of guy who takes out enemy units by himself.

Next up are the main force of the britanan puppet army, the trooper company. They are cheap common infantry with some kind of muskets. They are quiet good if you have enough to outnumber a enemy unit to take them down with massive firepower. But the average trooper is not a particularly skilled soldier.

The last unit in the starter army are the britanan highlandes. These guys are the elite close combat infantry. The main advantages are the good speed (something the britanans lack) and the highland charge with their broadswords (which reduces defence). These little fellows can cause massive damage on enemy units.

The goal for myself was to finish the starter in 5 days. After working out a workflow for the painting process I got everything painted on schedule. Next up will be a blister of rangers and a hunting pack. The game is really easy to play and offers a nice range of rather different miniatures. Stay tuned for more.




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