Katana and Killer Croc – Batman Miniature Game

Katana and Killer Croc

To free up some space on my working table, I decided to finish up Katana and Killer Croc from the Batman Miniature Game. I’ve been working on them way too long and now i got several other projects, which need the space.
Although both of them are really cool minis, Katana was a pain in the ass to assemble.

I painted quick non metallic metal on her katana. I used VGC Hexed Lichen to highlight the black and VMC Luftwaffe Green for the boots. The yellow parts and the golden non metallic matal were painted like the yellow on Batgirl. For the Bänder I used VGC Gory red as a base and highlighted it with some old bright orange from Pegasus. Besides fielding her for the Suicide Squad I will use her for my Batman Crew to get some killing potentual.

I enjoyed painting Killer Croc a lot. Despite me not liking this particular version of him, i have to admit the miniature is really well made. The texture on the jacket and the trousers are all sculpted on wich really helps getting a nice result while painting. I used the same technique for painting the texture on jacket and trousers, as I did on Batman.I highlighted the parts just a bit brighter than normaly and then carefully shaded the texture on. I’m quite quite happy with how he turned out, even though the colours don’t match up with the ones from the movie. I hope you like the minis, I highly recommend the Knight models range of the DC characters.


4 thoughts on “Katana and Killer Croc – Batman Miniature Game

  1. These look great. I’m just assemling the SS set and I’ve had to give up on Katana – just can’t do it. Didn’t help that the lower hand on the two-handed sword grip snapped off from the main arm on the sprue….. I’m just going to leave this miniature out of the set, not wasting anymore time on it.
    How did you paint Harley’s tights?
    Your Batgirl looks ace, one I’m thinking of getting, along with the new ‘Dynamic Duo’ Batman & Robin set.

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    • Thanks, Batgirl is a really cool mini and got some nice rules too. I always play her along with Batfleck. Katana was just a pain in the ass. In the end I had to glue two seperate hands and a seperate katana together. Much fun….
      For Harleys tights I used black and skin tone as a base colour. Then I highlighted it up with severel layers. Each layer consists of a mixture of more skin colour and less black.


      • I had another go at Katana, still no luck so I’ve finally given up on that one. I’m actually doing this starter set for a friend but he’ll have to do without Katana. He can have my unused one as I’ll never bother with that figure again.
        Thanks for the advice on Harley, I was wondering how to go about it, this will be a great help.
        Batgirl is a great looking figure. Have you seen the new Batman & Robin Dynamic Duo set? They look fantastic, really captures the feel of the characters from the comics of the 80’s, especially reminds me of how the characters looked when Alan Davis was the artist on Detective Comics.


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