Harley Quinn and Batgirl – Batman Miniature Game

Harley Quinn, Batgirl

the crazy and the good

Today I finished two of the girls for my Batman Miniature Game crews. Harley Quinn which either can be part of the Suicide Squad or a Sidekick for the Joker crew, and Batgirl which is the first support for my Batman crew. It was a pleasure to paint some brighter colours for a change. Both of them are nicely sculpted, but a bit difficult to paint. In Harleys case because of all the small details which are important to capture the character from the movie. With Batgirl on the other hand, mostly in blue and yellow, you have to be careful not to make her look like some toy.

For Batgirl I decided not to use pure yellow at all but to mix it with ochre to get a less bright effect. The yellow was then highlighted with white, and deep shadows were created with brown. I used pictures of Centurys Batgirl I found on CoolMiniOrNot and renders from Batman Arkham Knight as references. The black was just highlighted with blue and white, but on smaller areas than normal highlights. Overall my Batgirl is not painted with the really high quality that I found on CMON, but for my tabletop standard I am really pleased with how she turned out. I think she will be a good addition to Batman since her sneaky combo attack and the gadgets come with a low reputation value.

Painting Harley Quinn was a bit of a pain in the ass. More specificly her translucent clothing. I knew it would be the hardest part so I started with it. At first I tried painting her skin colour and shading it down to the point where it looked translucent. Well… nope. Then I tried it backwards by painting the darkest parts first, highlighting the black with skin tone until I reached a moderate translucent effect. I think in the end I spent 6 hours just on that effect. But I reached a point on which I thought I couldn’t get much more progress without eventually ruining everything so I left it like it was. The rest of her was going a lot better. Just the tattoos were a bit too fiddly so I made some rough freehands here. For the hair and the yellow parts on her jacket I used the same colours I used for Batgirl.

I think both miniature bring a lot of character to my collection and I will see how ech of them will prove in the game. I hope you enjoy, cheers.


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