Batman and Deadshot – Batman Miniature Game

Batman Miniatures Game_Batman, DeadshotI finished Batman and Deadshot from the Suicide Squad game box. Since I will mainly play a Batman crew and I want to paint these nice miniatures in pairs of two, I chose to paint Deadshot aswell.

For Batman I mainly used green and green gray colours I didn’t want him to become just gray – black. The overall brighter suit got a mixture of VMC Green Grey and VMC Ger. Fieldgrey, mainly inked with black and dark green. Gloves, boots, cape, mask and the bat sympol were painted in black lightened up with VMC Ger. Fieldgrey. For the belt I used a brown beige mixed together with VGC Earth and VMC Iraqui Sand.

For Deadshot I tried to stay with the movie colours. For the red shirt and weapon parts I used VGC Gory Red. For the black parts like weapons, trousers and armour I just went with black highlighted with green, just like Batman. Since Deadshot has some golden highlights on some of his weapon and magazine parts, I used some simple non metallic metal with brown and yellow colours. Sadly I wasn’t able to take a single good picture of Deadshot that matches the colours on the miniature. The highlights on the dark parts are much better on the miniature itself.

Overall painting both of them went really well for me, and I am pleased with how they came out in the end. Hopefully I can test the Batman Miniature Game in the next days using both of them.

I hope you enjoy, cheers.

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