Bolt Action – Tank!

I finally managed to finish some bolt action stuff, leaving me with just the QF 6 pdr gun left to do. First and most recent, my tank, a Sherman V.  A nice Warlord Games plastic kit. This particular one is from the 33rd armoured brigade, which supported the 51st highland division. It’s a good all around tank with even some anti infantry capabilities.

All in all a really nice kit. I only used some extra parts from the plastic infantry sprues and milliput, to model some extra stowage onto the tank. The name Andrea and the decals came straight out of the box.

My infantry is also finished now. I now own two 10 man squads and one 6 man squad.

Sorry for the bad pictures of the infantry. I will take new ones soon.

With the 6 pdr, this will get me to a whole 750 points army.




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