bringing the beast into play – Blood Bowl Kroxigor

Due to a small Blood Bowl league we are starting next week, I painted the big guy of my Slann team, I’m fielding. The miniature is from Starplayer miniatures (the lizardmen beast), and in my opinion one of the best Lizardmen sculpts on the market. They do a whole lizardmen team, which looks absolutely fantastic. But for my frogmen, I just need this big reptilian fellow.

It’s a really nice sculpt with only a little mould to get rid of. In my case I had to replace the horn on the left shoulder, because I broke it off while cleaning the model. I painted him like my online lizardmen, because I really like the black and yellow colors going with the skin tone. I used violet and bright blue from valleyo for the overall skin, for the brighter skin and the same violet highlighted with beige for the scales. The horns and claws are painted using the same purple as the base colour I used for the skin, to get a more overall look. At first I tried to paint the metal parts with non metallic metal but after wasting two days on a really bad result, I changed my mind and used a silver color, washed down with citadels seraphin sepia (a great wash but I dont know if it is still availeble). The base is done simply using valleyo earth, green ochre and iraqi sand.

I already played one game fielding him with my frogs and he didn’t get stupid once, wich was the greatest achievement for me (I lost the game but it was still very funny). The slann player will be done step by step, while playing the league. I already tested a coulor sheme for my catchers.

First game in the league will be versus skaven. I hope the Kroxigor continues playing without getting stupid.

Maybe this great model will find a way into my newly rising Lizardmen army too, its just to cool.



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