Guild Ball – Princess and a goal

After finishing the starter, I made the decision to paint another must have character for my team. Princess, the lovely mascot. Because she works really well with Boiler and Brisket and I really like the sculpt, she made it into my collection really quick. I chose a brownish white for the fur, but with some brown spots to make it look a bit more interesting. Some scars and the beauty in the beast was finished.

guild ball_butchers guild_princess

While working on my Butchers mascot, I thought about what I can use for a nice goal post. Since I wanted to go with a less brutal looking and meat stacked goal post, I used pictures of rugby goal posts as a reference, and thats what came out on the end:


guild ball_butchers_goal

Next up I think are Shank and Gutter. I tested them before with paper models, and I really like them.

I hope you enjoyed.



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