Guild Ball – after action report, the first game


“Gooood evening ladys and lords, common folk and everybody who is watching. My name is Gary.”

“And I’m Lary. We are your hosts today.”

“We are here with you tonight, with a brand new test game of Guild Ball, and we’re hoping that this will be an exciting match.”

“Indeed Gary. We have an interesting lineup for today. Even considering that this is just a test game for both teams. Today it’s fish or meat. Both teams just consist of the captain and two players, playing for 6 victory points. For our new visitors, you get 4 VP by scoring a goal and 2 VP for taking an enemy player out.”

“And here come the players! We see Shark, Siren and Angel for the Fisherman’s Guild and Ox, Boiler and Brisket for the Butcher’s. Looks pretty out of the box to me, but we will see what we get.”

Guild Ball_AAR_Kickoff

“The Butcher’s will kick off. Seems like Brisket’s doing the kick. Yes she is, aaaand the game is on. She’s standing a bit unprotected now. Shark is using the oppurtunity. He moves forward and now has possesion of the ball. He’s charging forward to Brisket, aaaand ouch. That spear and string attack looks kinda nasty, what do you think Gary?”

“Yeah, the range of their attacks are quiet the advantage for the Fishermen, giving Brisket no chance to react and limiting her movement. But it seems like he has some problems wounding that beauty. His female teammates can’t be very pleased about that. Hehe. But look at this Lary, he is doing a back pass to Angel giving her posession of the ball, followed by another attack against Brisket and a nice dodge.”

“Yes, quiet the intriguing move, and now they have the momentum to score the first goal. It seems like the captain of the Butcher’s is not pleased with the Fisher’s move. He charges Shark. Ugh, that looks pretty bloody but not as much as expected. Angel takes her turn now and sprints towards the middle of the field, where it looks like she’s going for the kick. She does and hits her target. Goaaaal! 4:0 for the Fishermen. Very nice move, the Butcher’s are looking very slow right now. They will have to do something about that.”

Guild Ball_AAR_1st Goal


“Yes, but for now we’ll see how the fans kick in the ball. Looks like they’re aiming for the right flank of their team. But what’s that? The ball bounces in a sharp angle aaand oh. Thats bad. Ox now has possession of the ball.”

“Hehe, I think that’s the last thing the fans expected from a goal kick. We’re now seeing Boiler securing Ox’s left flank and charging Angel, but wow, that was a total miss! Standing directly besides the captain does not seem to provide any improvement to the situation of the little one.”

“Yes Lary, it seems like Ox is really pissed, seeing his young killer fail this badly. Now there is some movement on the Fisher’s right flank, Siren is moving forward to cheer the tattered Shark up. Seems to work. At least a bit. And Brisket is moving towards the opponents, still struggling with Sharks strings.”

Guild Ball_AAR_end 1st turn


“Now that the teams have recoverd from the situation, the game goes on. Ox tries to take out the Fisher’s captain. Oh dear, seems like the fail of his apprentice made him really angry. He’s beating on Shark like a madman.”

“Yeah, but isn’t that exactly what he is? It seems that his anger doesn’t improve his fighting skill though. Shark is still standing. He passes Brisket… ohh no, interception! Shark has the ball, I really don’t want to be around that man after the game.”

“He looks like he’s distracted. Now Siren moves towards the enemy’s half. Quiet the creepy girl that one. But look at Ox! What is he doing? He moves away from Shark and towards Siren! Bloody fool. Damned mind tricks, seems like the male part of the Butcher’s are not in their best shape today.”

“Speaking of her. Look at Brisket. She’s trying to tackle Shark to get the ball. A nice attack, followed by an excellent tackle. She has the ball now and it seems like she doesn’t want to waste any more time. Damn, what a kick. Aaaaand goal!! 4:4”

Guild Ball_AAR_2nd_goal

“Now it’s time for the Butcher’s fans to kick in the ball, and they’re doing a better job than their predecessors! Brisket gets the ball. It’s a really fast game now, considering the position of the players. The Fishermen could go for another goal. And it looks like Shark has exacly the same thing in mind. He attacks twice, gets the ball and dodges away with ease. He prepares the shot, he’s shooting and goaaaal!

Guild Ball_AAR_End

8:4 for the Fisherman’s Guild, the game is over, the crowd is cheering, the Butcher’s are swearing revenge. What a wonderful game. We are saying goodbye to everybody who was watching with us. My name is Gary.”

“And I’m Lary, thank you.”

Hope you enjoyed the little after action report. It was a really nice first game. I hope I can post some more AAR´s in the upcoming months.




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