Guild Ball – Butcher´s Guild starter set part 1

To start the blog I wanted to write about something really new for me so I opened up the starter set for the Guild Ball Butcher´s from Steamforged Games.

I haven´t played it so far but the ruleset and setting sounds really nice. In every game I play I always choose fractions and models by their design and never by their rules or playstyle. If they are cool lookin´ they are just perfect for me. In this case my choice goes to the Butcher´s. I really love the design of these fellas.

Guild Ball_Butchers_starter box

The contents of the starter box are like any other from Guild Ball. You got 3 28 mm miniatures and a ball plus the stat cards for every player. The quality is nice with crisp and clear visible details. They are really fine so a little bit experience in painting is recommended, but I think they are really rewarding if nicely painted.

The miniatures are showing just some really fine mould lines, at least in my case, wich can be removed easily. The main issue was the assembly. They have such tiny gluing points, that you have to handle them with care.

Guild Ball_Butchers

Overall they are some really cool minis , but more usable for experienced modelers. I will start painting them in the next few days. Stay on for part 2.

If you want to know more about Steamforge Games Guild Ball visit the website. There you can download a free ruleset and stats for all the players.


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