Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 2


a UCM vanguard battlegroup

The second group I painted for my UCM starter fleet is a vanguard battlegroup. These groups can contain heavy tonnage ships and in my case that’s a Moscow heavy cruiser. To get the boots on the ground, to hold some objectives, there are two New Orleans frigates flying with her.

The Moscow is a heavy cruiser based on the standard cruiser frame. She features 4 heavy and 2 medium mass driver turrets which gives her a decent damage output if on weapons free. The New Orleans uses the stats of the standard frigates with the option to go into atmosphere to get the dropships out. Since these ships fly in open formation they don’t have to stay in unit coherence. Once they are in atmosphere they are relatively save, if there aren’t any corvettes around (luckily for me there are no corvettes in the starter fleets : ))

I painted these ships with the same colours and techniques that I used in

part 1. 


the whole ships together

The last ship of the starter fleet will be a Seattle class carrier. Stay tuned for part 3.





Dropfleet Commander – UCM starter fleet part 1

Dropzone Commander_UCM Battlegroup

a pathfinder battlegroup ready for some action

Usually I’m not that big into spaceship wargames. That’s because most of them only feature a straight up fight in the void. Dropfleet Commander on the other hand builds up conflicts and battles about conquest or reconquest of strategical objectives on planets (or space stations around them). That gives the game a really interesting playstyle in which you have to attack the enemy fleet and simultaneously drop your ground units via strike carriers to get boots on the ground. This and the gorgeous miniatures produced by Hawk Wargames finally lead me to buy a 2 player starter box.

Within this bargain you will find all the things you need to play the game. A full colour rulebook (full rulebook, not a “starter one”), marker, tape measure, dice and 2 starter fleets. The plastic fleets consist of 7 models each, with which you can build any variant of the vessels. For the starter the two factions are the UCM (the humans) and the Scourge (the aliens). Since the background dates the setting in a time in which the humans reconquer the lost planets from the Scourge this is a really good start.

There is not much to say on the miniatures except that they are of really good quality. They came in sprues of 4 for the frigates and one for the cruiser with all the parts you need to build every available class.


I started painting the vessels matching the battlegroups recommended for the starter army composition. At first a pathfinder battlegroup consisting of a Berlin class cruiser and 2 Toulon class frigates. I aimed for the studio colours and wanted something that could be done really fast. After priming I used a mixture of black and VMC Intermediate Blue as a base colour. Then everything got washed with black befor detailwork could begin. The edges of the panels got highlighted with pure Intermediate Blue. Point defense lasers some details, thrusters and gun barrels are painted Chainmal Silver with some black inking afterwards. In the end just white colour for some of the bigger panels and blue light effect on the thrusters and they were done.

Next up will be the Moscow heavy cruiser and the strike carriers.

Stay tuned. Cheers.



Relics – Britanan Rangers

Relics_Britanan Ranger

The last unit I painted up for my britanan army are these rangers. With uniforms similar to those worn by simcoes rangers, these miniatures look absolute splendid. I decided to paint them in a green paint scheme as well. Now they stand out amongst the army and match their historical counterpart.

In game terms they are a better unit of troopers. They are more reliable, have better shooting stats and most importantly, they can reroll one die per ranged attack. They are of course much more expensive point wise but they always pay out.

Now I just have to paint my puppeteer to gain some magical support and another commanding model. After that’s done my army is complete and I can work on my Orcnar.


My Britanan army so far

Hope you enjoy, cheers 🙂


Viking Warlord – something new for SAGA

Viking Warlord

He always carries a jug full of ale on his belt, pillaging is a thirsty business.

I thought about replacing my SAGA warlord with a more heroic model for a long time now. But finding a model that fits wasn’t that easy. About at the end of last year I randomly browsed through the Mierce Miniature range and found a model that perfectly suits me. KnĂştr of VĂ­kin, Skipari of Hrafnen (well…I just call him Knut). A nice resin cast miniature in a 30-35mm heroic scale. Not purely historical but he doesn’t wear horns on his helmet and looks pretty badass (god I hate those horns…).

I tried to paint him using cold colours for the shadows and warm colours for the highlights on nearly every part of the model. It was really interesting, playing around with the colours. I’m still not very pleased with how the non metallic metal came out but I’m learning.


old vs new

In the end I’m quiet happy with the overall result. He really is the eyecatcher of my army. In the first game he slaughtered his way to victory, a good start for many great tales.





Dogs of War – Britanan Hunting Pack

Relics Britanan Hunting Pack

The first addition to my britanan starter army is the hunting pack. Since the army’s original formations are almost completely destroyed, even the animals in the army are replaced by puppets. Just like the normal puppets possess a human soul, the soul of a dog is bound within the hunting packs four legged creations.

This blister gives you 8 dogs, which come in 2 different bodies, heads and a handler. They look really funny and bring some nice suppor for my army. With the option to negate the enemy’s cover or to reduce their combat value they are really helpful.

The quality of the minis overall is really nice so I just had to put a minimum amout of time into preparing them for priming. I painted them in the same way as the other dolls, fitting the overal paint scheme. Just like the other units they have different flower colours for additional recognition value on the gaming table.

Next up will be a group of six rangers for the britanans.


Clan Ghost Bear Lance

To motivate myself painting my last battlemechs, I participated in the end of the year contest on the Battletech Facebook page. I build a hexagon base to fit all 4 mechs on it as a display for my Lance.

I cut out 4 pieces of wood with each of them matching half a hexagon. After dry fitting them I arranged the mechs on the base and cut in holes for each of them. Then I glued the parts together with the lower two parts pivoted to get a more sturdy result. I then added a street and some details followed by texture.

I painted the Vulture and the Dasher in the same manner as the other two mechs. Each Battlemech wearing the symbols marking it as part of clan Ghost Bears Delta Galaxy 115th Striker Cluster.

It was great fun to paint for a competition the first time. After all I finished the lance much faster than I would without meeting a deadline. I won “Best Clan Representation” which I am very happy with. If you want to have a look at the other pieces there’s a LINK here.


New year, new stuff – Relics Britanan army


Happy new year to all of you. It was quiet a busy december so it got a bit quiet around here. I had to finish a Battletech painting contest piece for their Facebook group (which I will show here later on) and some other stuff besides working. But I got my hands on a funny little game called Relics by Tor Gaming. My girlfriend and I got ourself a starter army of one faction each. She took the evil psycho pixies called Vaettir and I went with the britanan army which consists of little dolls in british looking AWI uniforms. The starter box includes a Company Sergeant Major, 9 troopers, 6 highlandes and 3 tokens.

The Company Seargeant Major is the commanding model and serves like a support unit. He can boost units for ranged attacks or morale tests. But he is not the kind of guy who takes out enemy units by himself.

Next up are the main force of the britanan puppet army, the trooper company. They are cheap common infantry with some kind of muskets. They are quiet good if you have enough to outnumber a enemy unit to take them down with massive firepower. But the average trooper is not a particularly skilled soldier.

The last unit in the starter army are the britanan highlandes. These guys are the elite close combat infantry. The main advantages are the good speed (something the britanans lack) and the highland charge with their broadswords (which reduces defence). These little fellows can cause massive damage on enemy units.

The goal for myself was to finish the starter in 5 days. After working out a workflow for the painting process I got everything painted on schedule. Next up will be a blister of rangers and a hunting pack. The game is really easy to play and offers a nice range of rather different miniatures. Stay tuned for more.