Battletech – Mad Cat Mk II

Battletech_Mad Cat Mk IISince I’m doing a lot of historical and fantasy stuff lately, it is time for some science fiction. Keeping that in mind I’m going back to a real classic game. Battletech. I painted my first mech for my clan “Ghost Bear” force. A iconic Mad Cat (wich is by far my favorite Battlemech). I’m going roughly with the Delta Galaxy paint scheme of grey with some blue highlights.

I converted this one slightly to get a more dynamic pose, lifting the right leg and cut of the ankle to glue it in a proper position for the foot. It came out quiet nice in the end, at the cost of some sturdiness of the whole miniature (considering that the upper body just is a heavy bulk of metal). To make the torso removable I added small magnets into the joints which really helps transporting the Cat (and I can traverse the torso now, to aim for the enemy ;)).

I used VMC USMC Tank Highlight as the base colour, for the light gray I just brightened it up with white and added black for the dark grey parts. For the blue highlights I used GW kantor blue, brightend up with some old Pegasus light blue. Since I was to lazy and maybe to stingy to buy all the waterslight transfers I need, I just did some rough freehands. For some of the markings and numbers I used some leftover decals.

All in all, it was a nice kit but you have to put in much clean up work to get rid of all the mold lines (I didn’t get all). But in the end I got a really awesome Battlemech which hopefully crushes all enemy resistance🙂



Bolt Action – Tank!

I finally managed to finish some bolt action stuff, leaving me with just the QF 6 pdr gun left to do. First and most recent, my tank, a Sherman V.  A nice Warlord Games plastic kit. This particular one is from the 33rd armoured brigade, which supported the 51st highland division. It’s a good all around tank with even some anti infantry capabilities.

All in all a really nice kit. I only used some extra parts from the plastic infantry sprues and milliput, to model some extra stowage onto the tank. The name Andrea and the decals came straight out of the box.

My infantry is also finished now. I now own two 10 man squads and one 6 man squad.

Sorry for the bad pictures of the infantry. I will take new ones soon.

With the 6 pdr, this will get me to a whole 750 points army.



Dacso the Vampire

Sometimes I find some really nice miniatures on the internet and I use them just to test some techniques I´m not really good in . Recently I tested some non metallic metal techniques on this really nice Origen Art miniature. It´s a resin miniature and simply has incredible nice and crisp details.



Origen sells him as Dasco the Vampire so I painted him vampire like but the mini would also go as a historical knight in my opinion. I tried to use mostly cold colours for the main parts and only for the cloak and the gold parts some warm colours. The base is simply sculpted with Milliput then painted and weathered.

Maybe I will use him as a vampire for In Her Majestys Name.



back to warhammer – Lizardmen characters, champions and Kroxigors

While I am waiting for my reinforcements for my micro armour to arrive, I wanted to paint something rather old, or just something I didn’t play for a long time now. Games Workshops Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition Lizardmen.

I always loved the aztec/mayan themed lizardmen army and of course the fact that you can field dinosaurs riding other dinosaurs into battle. I got this 2000p army cheap on ebay, so I had to rescue a lot of the miniatures, since many of them were in a really bad condition.

I didn’t want to go with the studio paint scheme, so I used some different colours for the shields. For the skin and scales I went with a purple – yellow contrast. I used Citadel Temple Guard Blue, Skink Blue and Drakenhof Nightshade for the skin, and VGC Hexed Lichan with some beige for the highlighting of the scales. The yellow scales and shields are painted with Citadel Yriel Yellow highlighted with VMC Ice Yellow.

For the weapons I used dark grey with some highlights, shaded with Army Painter Dark Tone. Since the scales and shields are already really brightly coloured, I used Gunmetal shaded with Citadel Seraphim Sepia for the metals.


The first miniatures I finished (just some basing has still to be done after varnishing) are a Skink Priest, and a Skink Chief that I will use as a normal champion, my first Scar Veteran and my Reverend Guardian from the Temple Guard. The second Scar Veteran on Cold One is still wip.

What I still have to do are 28 skinks, 12 Sauri, 19 Temple Guards, 1 Salamander Hunting Pack, 5 Cold One Riders and a Slann Mage Priest. I hopefully get them all done by the end of the year, at least that’s my deadline.


bringing the beast into play – Blood Bowl Kroxigor

Due to a small Blood Bowl league we are starting next week, I painted the big guy of my Slann team, I’m fielding. The miniature is from Starplayer miniatures (the lizardmen beast), and in my opinion one of the best Lizardmen sculpts on the market. They do a whole lizardmen team, which looks absolutely fantastic. But for my frogmen, I just need this big reptilian fellow.

It’s a really nice sculpt with only a little mould to get rid of. In my case I had to replace the horn on the left shoulder, because I broke it off while cleaning the model. I painted him like my online lizardmen, because I really like the black and yellow colors going with the skin tone. I used violet and bright blue from valleyo for the overall skin, for the brighter skin and the same violet highlighted with beige for the scales. The horns and claws are painted using the same purple as the base colour I used for the skin, to get a more overall look. At first I tried to paint the metal parts with non metallic metal but after wasting two days on a really bad result, I changed my mind and used a silver color, washed down with citadels seraphin sepia (a great wash but I dont know if it is still availeble). The base is done simply using valleyo earth, green ochre and iraqi sand.

I already played one game fielding him with my frogs and he didn’t get stupid once, wich was the greatest achievement for me (I lost the game but it was still very funny). The slann player will be done step by step, while playing the league. I already tested a coulor sheme for my catchers.

First game in the league will be versus skaven. I hope the Kroxigor continues playing without getting stupid.

Maybe this great model will find a way into my newly rising Lizardmen army too, its just to cool.


6mm project – Israeli combat command

On the search for a modern ruleset in 6mm, my local gaming group and I went across GHQs “Micro Armour Modern – the Game” ruleset. Supported by GHQs own 6mm range of splendidly modeled miniatures (they also do WWII and naval battles), each of us ordered a combat command box, which is like a starter set, including enough models for an army, the quick start rules and even a plasic storage box.

The Israeli starter consists of:

10 Merkava Mk IV main battle tanks. These are the newest models of Israels Merkava line. They are in service since 2003. The design aims for the best possible protection of the crew, using every part of the equipment as an extra piece of armour. The engine sits in the front of the tank, giving the crew the possibility to disembark with a hatch at the back. With a total weight of 65 tons, it’s probably the heaviest main battle tank. These will get me a company of Merkavas with 3 platoons, each consisting of three tanks and one commander.

11 M113 Zelda APCs. Israel used M 113s as troop carriers since the 1970s. They have over 6000 M 113 based vehicles in service. Zelda is an inofficial name the vehicle got because of his reliability. The vehicles in the box are rather old versions of the APC, and are not equipped with any additional armour. Since the M 113 is an obsolete vehicle, with lacking armour to properly protect the passengers and crew, the Israeli military replaced the Zelda partly with the Achzarit (a T 55 based APC), and the Namer (Merkava Mk IV based). But there are still many Zeldas in service. This, together with the support gives me a whole mechanized company. 3 platoons with a support platoon and one commander.

1 M 901 ITV and 1 M 125 mortar carrier. These vehicles were used as support for mechanized infantry. Both vehicles are based on the M 113 chassis. The M 901 is fielding a dual M220 TOW anti tank missile launcher on the top, a M 125 mortar carrier, featuring a 81mm mortar, giving artillery support in the passenger compartment, with an extra wide hatch to fire directly out of the vehicle. These two together, and one of the Zeldas will form the support for my mechanized infantry.

10 bases of infantry and heavy weapons. These are the lucky ladies and gentlemen, who will ride inside the Zelda APCs. For each platoon there are 3 bases of infantry. One of which carrying a Dragon ATGM, and another one a Stinger SAM.

The amount of detail the vehicles and even the tiny soldiers have is tremendous. I don’t know how they did that, since I know the prototypes were sculpted in real scale, but that’s some really awesome stuff. They can even catch up to 15 – 28mm scale models. You can recognize every equipment the infantry is carrying. The casts are really good quality. Only a bit flash removing was necessary.  Assembly was a bit fiddly, putting all the tiny machine guns on the troop carriers. The tanks simply came in 2 pieces, the hull and the turret. At first I wanted to put every unit on a 25mm round base, but the Merkavas are so damn big that I had to use 30mm washers instead (in combination with magnet foil a nice transport choice).

The colors for the vehicles were kind of a different decision, since they seem to differ from time, battalion and weather conditions. Its like the german dunkelgelb problem with WWII wargaming.
In the end I chose two different colors. One for the Tanks, and one for the rest of the vehicles. This gives my some variety but still a good overall look for the army. I choose Valleyo stone grey for the APCs and Valleyo german camouflage beige for the tanks.
Both colors look similar to the ones that the original vehicles use. For both I just painted the whole vehicle in the base colour after priming, and than gave it a wash with thinned down army painter dark tone ink (really thinned down with a tiny bit of dish washer). Depending on the vehicle, doing this 1-3 times, worked out all the tiny details really well.

After that the vehicles got a drybrush with a brighter base colour, aiming for the details and edges. Now only details like MGs, tracks, markings and some dust still have to be painted. For the bases I started with Valleyo earth, drybrushing it with Valleyo green ocre and Valleyo iraqi sand. The markings were painted on with white. A chevron pointing up for all the tanks, marking them as 3rd Battalion and a chevron pointing to the front for the 2nd battalion. The tanks also got tiny numbers on the rear of the turret, marking the Platoons (2-4) and the command tank (1).

The Infantry was kind of a challange for me, since I usually do 28mm miniatures, so I just painted the most important details like the uniform, the faces and the weapons. Using a wash afterwards worked out the details really well and gave me a pleasant result. The bases were done like the ones for the vehicles, putting 4 men on a base for normal Infantry and 3 men for special weapon teams (Dragon, Stinger).

Overall I really like the scale, it isn’t too expensive (around 50 $ for the starter) you can get a painted army really quick (4 days I think) and it saves space. I played the game two times now, using the quick start rules (have to wait until my rulebook arrives), and it works really well, using a relatively simple set of rules but with a lot of depth and realism. We will test the whole ruleset the next time, using rules for infantry, aircrafts and artillery. I’m exited. Stay tuned.

Note: In game terms, one stand represents 3-6 vehicles or one platoon of infantry. Personally I prefer 1 vehicle/infantry equals 1 vehicle/infantry. So for game terms, Platoons will be companies and the two companies, one battalion each.




Bolt Action – 2nd squad and 2″ mortar team

Bolt Action_british_2nd squadThe highway decorators getting support.

I finished the 2nd 5 man team, and the light mortar team recently, and made some changes to my 500pts list. I really like the Vickers MMG but if you’re playing scenarios, the 50 points are much better spent on another 5 riflemen.

Since my Army Painter matt varnish spray caused some trouble the last time, I tested an acrylic dull coat from Valleyo on these miniatures. It doesn’t generate such a matt finish, but looks much cleaner in the end (and is less expensive).

The light mortar is always worth its points, even just as an order dice generator. The 5 man squad on the other hand, not riding in the carrier, is far to fragile for being a regular unit. Bringing them to full strengh will hopefully help them last a bit longer.
Next up,  I will paint a PIAT team and the missing guys from the 10 men squad. After that, another 10 men squad and maybe an OQF 6 pdr gun will follow.